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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bye Bye Obama GOOD RIDDANCE. The Damage You've Done is Incalculable. Thank God the Adults Are Back in Charge!

No Class: The ASS in chief even threatens to stick his nose back in the minute Trump does something HE doesn't like!

ASS in Chief!
Eight long years of waiting are finally over. Eight years of one disaster after another in domestic, foreign and national security policy are OVER!

Worst economic performance since the end of World War II. Millions no longer even participating in the labor force. Race relations at an all time low. This is a President who let terrorists, traitors and drug dealers go free but used the IRS to target law abiding Americans.

His policies saw terrorism spread across the globe and horrific attacks inside the United States. Bad guys like Russia, Iran and China free to spread trouble without consequence. And the worst Nobel Prize for Peace EVER given to a man that has seen wars spread while promising to end them. The U.S. currently has thousands of troops BACK in Iraq with hundreds in Syria as well and deployments to Europe of all places including sending Marines this week to Norway. Some peace hunh?

And all the while, a Narcissist in Chief who thinks first, second and third of himself. Speeches littered with "I," "me," and "my" just the most obvious sign of some deep seated pathology.

His legacy of FAILURE will be undone by Trump. But no doubt the pipsqueak ex-President will feel compelled to remind us all frequently why he is such a failure by constantly giving more speeches with I, me and my!

Good riddance. Good bye. GO AWAY!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If Trump Protests Are Genuine Why Do They Have to PAY Protesters? Fascist Fonies!

More evidence that Trump represents REAL America and the left's protests are proof of their OWN ILLEGITIMACY!

The Washington Times reports that contrary to so-called "fact checker" news sites, there is currently an effort underway to pay BIG BUCKS to people trained to disrupt and create violent protests against Trump. Of course it's nothing new as we learned from the Democrat email leaks where Hillary backers engaged in a secret campaign to spark violence at Trump rallies.

People are being offered large monthly stipends and $50 and hour to engage in these faux protests. But they must sign a confidentiality agreement, no doubt to deny they are being paid.

The ads are running in dozens of cities nationwide:

And they call Trump's election illegitimate? Puhlease!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

More Highlights Of Mike's America London Tour

You appreciate the United States all the more when you are away. Even a visit to a relatively civilized friend like the United Kingdom!

The following BBC video is the New Year's Eve fireworks on the Thames River in London. As the camera closes in on the London Eye, Mike's America is watching from that front section just to the left of the tree. What a sight!

You see the favorite photo I took from the event in the masthead above. Here are some other photographs of the trip. Mostly, it was a history tour with my favorite subject, Winston Churchill. Highlights of that are displayed below:

Admiralty Arch marks the beginning of the processional route down down The Mall to Buckingham Palace that you see in so many royal events. You don't often get the opportunity walk down this route but the entire area was closed for the New Year's fireworks. But unlike those well orchestrated royal events the entry and exit to the fireworks was chaotic and poorly organized. You would think someone to provide competent direction or at least some signs telling people where to go would be in order. Sadly no.

More photos following the jump:

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sen. John McCain Refused to Traffic in Obama Rumors But Played Key Role in Fake Russian Smear of Trump

Apparently McCain's standards are lowered considerably when it's an attack on a member of his own party!

As candidate for President Senator John McCain, who visited Mike's America in 2007, refused to traffic in the dirt on Obama. He dismissed the birther issue with contempt, told a woman at one rally not to call Obama a "socialist" and rebuked a radio announcer for using Obama's middle name "Hussein."

But when it came to dirt on Donald Trump, McCain dispatched a key aide on an urgent transatlantic trip to clandestinely meet a man who promised to dig the dirt on Trump. Democrats have their fingerprints on this too, as well as a former GOP presidential candidate and Planned Parenthood. But McCain played a key role. (Sources: Daily Mail, Wall Street Journal, Guardian)

Of course NONE of the fabricated story was in any way verifiable but that didn't stop the Trump haters from running with it and getting egg all over their face.

For decades John McCain has cultivated a reputation for being a straight shooter. All that goes out the window with his role in this farce. The little bull dog may have been re-elected by his Arizona constituents last November to serve a 6th term but hopefully it will be his last!

In Breaking Senate Tradition & Attacking Sessions Cory Booker Shows He's Another Empty Suit Left Wing Political Opportunist

But I suppose it plays well to the kook fringe of the left!

Last year Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), nominee for Attorney General in the soon arriving Trump Administration (how good does THAT sound!) sought to award the Congressional Gold Medal to those who participated in the 1965 Voting Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Does this sound like something a racist would do? Sessions partnered in that successful effort with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) who at the time had the highest praise for Sessions calling the experience "one of my life's greatest moments" and went on to say: “I feel blessed and honored to have partnered with Sen. Sessions in being the Senate sponsors of this important award.” Video.

But when Sessions was nominated to become Attorney General Cory Booker took a different view less than 11 months later. He broke the longstanding tradition whereby sitting Senators do not testify against other sitting Senators in a confirmation hearing. What motivated him? He says “In the choice between standing with Senate norms or standing up for what my conscience tells me is best for our country, I will always choose conscience and country.”

Booker presented no evidence that Sessions was unfit for office. It's just that Booker apparently feels that anyone who is a Republican or Conservative, particularly from the South, must be a racist because they disagree with Booker's far left views on policy.

Booker, the Show Pony

Booker has a reputation of being a show horse, not a work horse in the Senate. Another black man snatched from relative obscurity to help Democrats with their sagging image.

 Prior to his Senate election he was Mayor of Newark New Jersey and left it's black residents, along with everyone else, worse off than when he arrived. He's famous for delivering diapers in a snowstorm after a Tweet reached him of a woman with many children running low. The woman never actually ran out of diapers, she just wondered why her street wasn't plowed three days after a snowstorm. Booker delivered the diapers but how long did it take before the streets were plowed for everyone?

Is there an appetite among Democrats for another empty suit politician with a paper thin resume and a phone book sized ego? Seeing as how they voted for Obama twice one wonders if they want to make that mistake again, especially in the black community whose economic well being took such a hit the last eight years.

I suspect Booker's sad performance is nothing more than a ploy to gain favorable attention from the big media which is the first primary for the Democrat nomination in 2020. Booker knows if he can get them on his side it doesn't matter what he says or does, they will paint him as the next savior. We saw what happened the last time they did that, do we want a repeat?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Democrats Suddenly Discover Importance of Rule of Law In Questioning Trump Cabinet Nominees

Ted Cruz reminds us of how silent Dems were on the subject the past eight years!

I was watching a cross section of the confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate of Trump cabinet nominees. One consistent theme across nearly all the hearings I watched was the Democrats repeated concerns that Trump cabinet officers enforce the law as written and not allow Trump to act unilaterally.

Funny, since Obama declared he had a "pen and a phone" and would go around Congress repeatedly and ignore the law that Democrats were entirely, or nearly so, silent when he did.

Ted Cruz remembers. Here he is in hearings for Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General:

It's great to see Democrats suddenly discover the rule of law and the balance created by the U.S. Constitution. But since they made such a mockery of that for the last eight years a number of dangerous precedents have been set. They have only themselves to blame if Trump decides to "pull an Obama."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Where Was Mike's America?

If the photo above isn't clear, try this one:

Statue with his back to the camera is Winston Churchill.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hypocrisy as the Left Refuses to Serve or Entertain Trump Supporters

If a Christian did this their business would be ruined!

There are so many stories like this. A restaurant refusing to serve Trump supporters:

Other restaurants have done the same.

Now, so many entertainers are balking at appearing at the Trump Inauguration. They are even FAKING stories about being forced to entertain. Consider this From Tammy Bruce at the Washington Times:
It had been announced the Radio City Rockettes, you see, would be performing at the Donald Trump Inaugural. One Rockette vented her distress on Instagram, writing that she was “embarrassed and disappointed,” and that Mr. Trump “stands for everything we’re against.”

That post was quickly deleted, but ultimately, a media frenzy ensued over an allegation that the dancers would have to perform at the inauguration, whether they liked it or not, or lose their jobs.

That ended up being fake news promoted by one woman on Facebook, not associated with anyone involved, and unaware of the fact that Rockette participation in the inaugural event is completely voluntary. Moreover, they had more dancers volunteering than available slots for the Inaugural gig, so no one will be dancing “with tears in their eyes,” as the one gloomy Rockette dramatically predicted on her Instagram.

During the brief hubbub, actors and other performers understandably came out in support of the dancers’ right to refuse to perform if an event violated their conscience. I also believe there should be an escape clause in cases such as this allowing a performer flexibility. After all, who wants anyone to be forced to do something against their conscience?

Yet it’s fair to say the same liberals who support the Rockettes’ right to not perform are the same people who have no problem with Christian businesses being attacked for declining to participate in something that violates their conscience and faith. In their cases, the refusal to cater or bake a cake for a gay wedding.

While the environments may be completely different, the larger principle is exactly the same: Why should one type of person be supported for refusing to participate in something antithetical to her values while another is not and even organized and legislated against?

This is the conundrum liberals have created by setting a standard that says Christians should not allowed to decline work due to their values but a liberal dancer should be. The question for liberals now is: Do we want Americans to accept the notion that some people are more equal than others, and deserve more protection and support than those who refuse to conform?
Frankly, I wouldn't want to eat or be entertained by someone who demonstrates hatred for me just because of my political views. But then, why shouldn't those liberal businesses be held to the same standard they demand for the rest of us?

Liberal College Professor Uses Extremely Obscene Language to Repeatedly Abuse Pro Trump Muslim Woman Online

Imagine the media outcry if any Trump supporter in a similar position had done this to a Muslim woman!

I won't repeat the foul language that was used to attack a Muslim woman for supporting Trump. It's the same kind of vile, obscenity the left spits out every day in the comment sections of blogs like this. The difference is that the perpetrator is an associate professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. One of the nation's premier colleges. 

You can read the story at the Daily Caller.

At any university, conservative thought and speech is regarded as hate speech requiring expulsion of the offender. Remember the meltdown at Emory University in Atlanta when a student wrote "Trump 2016" in chalk on the sidewalk? Students complained that they feared for their lives after that. 

But here we have a liberal college professor using the worst language possible to attack a Muslim woman. Where's the Obama Department of Justice which repeatedly threatened criminal investigations for any speech threatening Muslims? 

And don't expect much response from Administration at Georgetown. Universities across the country have been looking the other way for years as liberal professors abuse students and colleagues for failing to adhere to their left wing fascist demands.

Just another example of the left wing fascist meltdown. They are becoming borderline psychotic!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Have a Very Trumpy Christmas!

The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree for 2016.

The tree is a gift from the People of Idaho. Here's the back story.


Imagine the Media Firestorm if Trump Backers Verbally Assaulted Chelsea Clinton w/ Her Children or Obama's Daughters

But apparently left wing fanatics think it's open season on Trump's daughter and her children taking a public flight!

By now you have heard the story. A rabid New York lefty verbally accosted Trump daughter Ivanka as she sat with her children and husband on a Jet Blue flight to San Francisco. Reports suggest the encounter was a planned confrontation to "harass" Ivanka with the man telling her among other things that “Your father is ruining the country!” The man also questioned why Ivanka was even taking a public flight as if that's his business.

Just how Trump "is ruining the country" when he hasn't even been sworn in yet was unclear. But then, these lefties never do bother to explain themselves.

But can you imagine the nationwide media outrage if Trump supporters had "harassed" Chelsea Clinton on a public conveyance or had done so to Obama's daughters? Well, hard to imagine that as you don't see those folks flying coach now do you?

This is what we've come to. The angry Left feels not just empowered, but entitled, to abuse the rights of others from some delusions of Trump hatred and a false sense of moral superiority. See the video of the woman below showing "this is my America" damning Electors who voted for Trump, or the nationwide outbreak of violence and vandalism directed at Trump supporters and it's clear that many on the angry Left are bordering on what could be serious psychological issues.

Let's make sure they get the help they need. First, by repealing ObamaCare and second, by watching Trump's policies unleash a nwe wave of American prosperity!
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